Thursday, September 30, 2010

October: Free food or bust!

You ever wake up and ask yourself... why am I going to work? Why am I trading my time and talents for money? Is it to pay bills, buy more stuff, survive???

I asked this question every day and one day a new question popped into my head... hey, what if I didn’t have to work? Is there an alternative? What would we have to give up? And the really big question... without spending money, does the quality of your life go down... or up?

After learning about Freegans, people who live completely for free. I decided to start an experiment, to see what would happen to if I'd slowly weened away my expenses down to $0. Would I be happier, would my friends & colleagues think I'd become a crazed drifter, what would life really be like? This blog chronicles the journey to living without expenses and the effect it has on quality of life.

Every month I’ll try giving up one new major expense: Food, entertainment, travel, etc. There are only two rules: I can’t accept gifts and no mooching.

So... a bit about my income situation
I have a fantastic job at a fortune 50 company and all the cushy perks that come with corporate gig. I’ve always worked because I thought I had to, now I’d like to work because I want to.

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  1. Kudos for trying this experiment. I think we'd be far happier and less exhausted trying to lead the lives that modern society thinks we should, focusing more on people in our lives rather than things. There's far too much waste already when everyone on this planet could have the basic necessities.